As an artist I navigate moments of sentience, always reaching toward a distant shore - the realm of my inner vision. And it is there that the real work begins. The old primal forces emerge wrought through blood and bone, coiled in sinew binding flesh. A drumming still to be heard echoes from the fire lit walls of our collective imagination where the shadows continue their ancestral dance no less in the 21st Century. What I enjoy most about my work, whether original conception or by commission, is the visual and tactile processes of realizing an idea that will bear the test of time." ~ Pedro Rivera

Rivera's personal work and vision can be describes as spiritual and mythical, expressed within the realm of abstract expressionism and contemporary realism. Professional sculptor, painter and scenic artist, Pedro Rivera's work can be seen across the country in museums, exhibits, corporations, and private residences. Working in partnership with designers, he has been responsible for fabricating and installing exhibits in the Oklahoma Memorial Museum, the Metal of Honor Museum in Charleston, SC, Frontier Texas in Abilene, and the B.B. King Museum in Los Angeles, CA honoring this nation's cultural heritage.

Internally lit, eight foot in diameter and constructed of fiberglass, Rivera's public work Man in the Moon shines bright in the heart of downtown Abilene, TX. Most recently he was commissioned to sculpt a life-sized bronze bull for the Enterprise Tower also in Abilene.

Pedro Rivera is a Chicago native currently residing in Loveland, Colorado.

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